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Moving house is becoming more expensive: here’s how to cut the cost.

It’s now more expensive than ever to move house, which is why Rylands Removals are here to share tips to help you save money during the moving process.


Have your new house surveyed


Having your house surveyed will assess the condition and the state that it is in right now. This will flag up any problems that could be costly and this can be of benefit to you, as it will give you the opportunity to negotiate the price of the property you wish to purchase. You may also be able to get the repairs completed before moving in.


Sort your possessions


Even after just one year living in your home, it’s easy to accumulate surplus goods. So if you’re wanting to cut the cost of your move, having fewer things to take from A to B is a good way to start. Whilst you may be thinking, ‘What’s the point of getting rid of loads of my possessions?’ the number one reason is that there’s less to transport and therefore you will need to take less trips. However if you have arranged a good removals company they will be able to find the right vehicle for your move. The second is that you can make extra money by sorting your possessions and selling them online, which can be put towards your savings or to the move itself.


Compare quotations


Talk to a few companies, figure out the best quote; chances are you’ll want to save money where you can and therefore comparing quotes is a very important process.


Book your move with the best company


Once you have completed sufficient research, be sure to select the removals company that best suits your individual needs. Talk to the team and make your move less stressful by taking advantage of the services they offer.


Give yourself the time you need


When you book early on, you give yourself the time you need to get all important plans in order. This avoids making expensive last minute plans and gives you the time to clean your home. This extra time also allows you to arrange moving fundamentals which are often overlooked, such as requesting absence from work, preparing your children and pets for their journey and finding the best route to your new home.


Make a detailed checklist


When you make a list you will be sure not to miss anything along the way. A checklist of all your individual requirements for your move will help you keep to your budget and make for a simple, easy process.


Use sturdy boxes to move


You may be wondering ‘Wouldn’t I be saving money by using old, second hand boxes?’. It’s actually a good investment to acquire proper packing boxes, supplied by your chosen removals company. This is because it’s likely that used boxes will be flimsy and create unseen and unnecessary expenses, should they collapse and damage your goods during transportation. Let’s face it, not everything can be replaced either, especially important family heirlooms so be sure to invest in proper packing goods.   


Have fun with your meals


Avoid unnecessary takeaways and food waste by cooking the food that’s in your freezer and opening those cans in the cupboard. Although it may not sound too appealing, neither is paying over £10 for a single pizza. Reducing food waste also has a positive effect on the environment.


Re-evaluate your utility bills


Just because you’ve been using the same provider for years, doesn’t mean to say that they are still the cheapest. Look over your utility bills and search for other providers to see if you can get a better deal. Moving to a new area can result in cheaper bills for services such as gas, electricity and water. Who knows, you might save yourself hundreds of pounds!


Avoid 09 and 08 phone calls


We’ve all done it; called a company with an 09 or 08 number and paid unnecessary rates. Save yourself the money and call a removals company that doesn’t include additional charges. Remember you can also contact companies using email or live chat – visit the company website to see if they offer alternative contact methods.


If you’re looking for a dedicated and honest service that’ll make your moving day less stressful, come to Rylands Removals today. In addition to our comprehensive removals services, we also provide convenient packing services and handy storage solutions. Based in Manchester, we work for both domestic and commercial customers throughout the North West and Nationwide. Ring us today and see what we can do for you.