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What to Do When Moving House and Schools

Moving home is a stressful time, what with throwing out old belongings you don’t use or need anymore, packing up an entire household and not to mention, the mix of emotions. With a lack of friends, family and familiarity in your new location, it can be hard to know where to start. However, your friendly experts at Rylands Removals have put together a comprehensive checklist to help you keep in mind all of those important things that you need to do along the way.


Tips for moving home:

There is no order when following these tips – this is simply a list of things for you to think about before the day of your move. Sorting out the admin beforehand will ensure that you spend your time in your new home productively. Who wants to run around errands, collecting post and making changes to your address when you’ve got unpacking and decorating to do?

  • Pack and sort – pack the things you don’t use and won’t use daily, 2-4 weeks before the move.
  • Alter your address – let all relevant companies know your new address, so that your mail gets to you and only you.
  • Make sure you can vote – have your say in elections and make sure that you register your new address.
  • Phones and internet – contact your providers to advise them of your new location and tell them the date in which you will require the change over.
  • Service your car – whether it’s a long or short journey, moving from A to B with extra weight will require a good check over to ensure that your car is fit for the job.
  • DVLA – update your driving license and vehicle registration certificate.
  • Parking – check for parking restrictions, so you do not incur any issues on the moving day and ensure you know where your parking space is.
  • Bank – for billing purposes, change your address to ensure that all post can be sent to your new address.
  • Council tax – let the relevant authorities know about your moving arrangements.
  • Pets – if you’re thinking about putting your pet in the kennels or cattery whilst the move is underway, make sure you book them in with good time to spare and have your pet’s records updated with a new vet.


Tips for moving schools:
For your children, it might feel like the end of the world, uprooting them from their bedrooms – let alone schools! It can be quite a traumatic time for them, so it’s worth taking the following points into consideration.

  • Your child’s needs – it’s worth asking yourself whether your child requires a structured/less structured environment, more challenging work, individual attention and extra help for their special learning needs.
  • Ofsted ratingsensure your child has the best education possible by making sure that the school is rated highly by Ofsted.
  • School policies zero tolerance, when it comes to bullying.
  • Looking at distances to their new home to the school – depending on their age, you may consider letting them walk to school, take the bus or will you have to drive them in the mornings and pick them up in the afternoons?
  • Apply online – when you’ve chosen a school for your child, make sure you apply online in good time before moving home. There are two deadlines: for primary schools you must do this by 15th January and for secondary schools, 31st October. You must apply to at least three schools and you will be asked for your preference.


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