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Myths About Moving!

If you’ve moved house before then you’re probably already aware of the common moving myths that ascend from the grapevine and we understand that this can be unsettling to hear, especially for those that haven’t moved yet. Luckily for our customers, our friendly team of professionals here at Rylands Removals have put together the most common misconstrued myths, to help put your minds at ease.  

Myth: “Friday is the ideal day to move”
This is not the case. Fridays can in fact, be more expensive and harder to schedule – unless you book a good time in advance. Fridays lead onto the weekends which is why it’s such a popular day to move.The majority of customers working Monday-Friday, try to book Friday so that they can have a long weekend to fully sort themselves out before going back to work. For some removal firms you will want to check the pricing structure before confirming a date, as they may alter their prices accordingly with busy periods such as weekends and national holidays.

Myth: You save money when you move yourself
Perhaps it is cheaper to move home yourself by hiring a small van that is covered by your UK driving licence. However, if you do not hold a driver’s licence or you hire an inadequate van that requires multiple trips to shift your belongings, you will soon exceed the cost of a professional service. When you move from a property there can be a time limit in which you have to hand your keys over and handling large bulky items can prove to be difficult and time consuming. If you have to stick to a time frame it can be hard to keep track of all your possessions which can lead to loss and breakages of your goods due to the rush. So if you’re looking to keep on schedule and ensure that your goods are all moved from A to B safely and securely in one simple trip, it’s often cheaper to hire a removals company.

Myth: Organise services with a removal company that charges by the hour
Moving day is a busy day in itself and the last thing you want to be thinking about is the cost, especially if there’s an unexpected traffic jam or accident that is completely out of your hands. It can also be the case that the house you’re moving into isn’t ready yet and therefore your services may be delayed and the service may cost you more than you’d hoped. The great thing about fixed price is that you know the job will be completed at the agreed amount.

Myth: Pack yourself, it’s easier and it will save you time and money
Packing is second nature to professional movers, with a wealth of experience and essential packing materials ready to hand, you can guarantee they will save you time and keep you right on schedule. If you pack yourself but aren’t quite ready by the time the removal van arrives, you may miss the handing over of the keys and put a halt to the whole process. Should you require additional help packing on the day, you will receive additional costs on the final bill, so you might as well have had help from the very beginning. By knowing their exact services you require prior the move, you can help save yourself money.

Myth: Pack all your essentials on the day
Every household’s definition of ‘essentials’ is different and this can really hold up the moving process. Of course it’s impossible to pack everything but what you must do is keep out a suitcase, strong bag and a sturdy box ready to pop in those last minute essentials first thing in the morning. Your suitcase is ideal for last night’s pyjamas, strong bag for your bedding and the box is ideal for money, keys and cups/mugs. Don’t leave packing the essentials to the very last minute because you might just end up forgetting or losing them.

Take it from our experienced professionals here at Rylands Removals providing both commercial and domestic properties with packing, storage and relocation services Nationwide. Whether you need advice or wish to book our services, please get in touch today – we’d love to hear from you.