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What Should You Pack First When Moving House?

Moving house can be a stressful and arduous process, but a little bit of preparation can go a long way. Packing is the most hated job of moving house, but there is a way of going about it that ensures easy unpacking and that your belongings stay intact. Planning your move in advance will help you stay on top of all your packing, so you aren’t rushing around on moving day. In this article, we’ll explore the best way to pack effectively to reduce stress on moving day, so you can start a new chapter in your life in a stress-free mood!

Front door open with key in lock to represent moving house


First, it’s important to decide what you actually want to take to your new home. Decluttering each room, one by one, ensures you don’t miss anything and gives you a clearer view of what you’re going to pack. You may even need to hire a skip to discard of all your stuff – you’ll be surprised how much clutter you can accumulate over the years! If you have the tendency to hoard old stuff, then get a relative or friend to help you decide what you really need to take to your new home, to save you time and money. 

Packing order

It’s important to think of what you use on a regular basis, as these are the items you’ll pack last. The essentials you need should be packed into as few boxes as possible, for easier unpacking when you arrive. This will ensure you have everything you need at hand whilst you unpack the rest of your possessions. We recommend packing these items in your house first, but this may change from person to person:

  • Collectable items
  • Artwork, picture frames, posters
  • Books
  • Jewellery
  • Kitchenware
  • The majority of your wardrobe

Remember, the last items you should pack should be your essentials, so avoid accidentally packing them up in your other boxes. 

Packing techniques

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to packing your items, such as weight and how likely it is to break. Pack heavy things in smaller boxes to make them easier to lift and wrap delicate items in bubble wrap or old clothes. Make sure you’ve got enough boxes, tape and bubble wrap before you start packing, so you don’t have to leave the job halfway through to get more supplies. Also, labelling your boxes with the room they belong in, so you don’t have to keep opening boxes to check which room it belongs in, makes the whole process as efficient as possible. 

What should I pack last?

For most people, packing your bathroom will often be left till last, as you use it many times throughout the day – every day. We recommend packing up your bathroom in the hours before your hired moving company is due to turn up, so you don’t have to keep unpacking and packing the bathroom boxes every time you need to use the toilet.


Here at Rylands Removals, we offer a comprehensive packing service to make your move a whole lot easier. Our reliable team will package delicate objects such as glassware, so they don’t break in transit. We offer free goods-in-transit and public liability insurance on all home moves, giving you peace of mind that your possessions are completely protected.

Rylands Removals has been helping people move home for years, giving us the experience and know-how needed to provide a first-rate service. We are completely flexible to your needs, tailoring our services to fit around you. To book a removal service or for more information about our services, please get in touch with a member of our team today.