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How to prepare for an office move

Moving office is a more complicated process than moving home, as there are many factors to take into consideration before you begin the move. It’s important that your business works continuously and seamlessly throughout the move, keeping your clients and employees happy with minimal disruption. We’ve compiled a few things

What to keep in mind when planning your office move:

  • Organisation
    Firstly, define a timeline for when you need to start packing in line for when the moving day will be. Outline a budget for the entire process and set some money aside for an emergency in case something goes wrong along the way. We recommend making a list of everything in your office, so you can arrange an order of which you’ll pack things away into boxes. Firstly, pack the items least used in the office and finish with items that will need to be set up immediately when you get to your new premises.
  • Meet the movers
    Once you’ve hired reliable movers, make sure you fully understand what they will be required to do on the day of the move. Misunderstandings on moving day will only slow the process and disrupt your business, so if you want your moving team to pack your office up, ensure this is part of the service you’ve paid for.
  • Update details
    Update all sources of information for your customers, whether this is on search engines or in the Yellow Pages. Make new business cards, brochures and any other marketing materials your business needs.
  • Streamline
    Get rid of anything that is not necessary to your business, this way your new office won’t be cluttered with unnecessary items and you can easily identify where you’re in need of new machinery or systems.
  • Hire security
    If your business handles highly sensitive data or expensive machinery, having security manage the transport of these materials will keep your business secure and maintain your reputation with your clients. 


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