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Spring Clean Using Self Storage This Spring

It’s nearly time for a spring cleaning, and here at Rylands Removals we’d like to share some tips with you to ensure it’s a breeze. This article will help you to work with the space around you and offer solutions on how to organise and create space, so your home is ideal for you and your guests all year round. As well as keeping everything clean and clutter free, you may also want to take advantage of self storage. Take your winter gear, holiday decorations and bulky items that are not in current use, and store them until you need them. Life can throw various situations at you that may require you to make room, and a quick, hassle-free solution is ready for you to take advantage of.


  • Rugs – daily wear and tear can make your rugs look well worn. Dirt gathers quickly like anything we use day to day, such as our clothes, tables, chairs, for example; and they all need a good clean every now and then. Give your rug a deep clean and see a difference it can make to the whole room.
  • Grout – don’t just cover up the grout, grab an old toothbrush and grout spray to get into the nooks and crannies. If this doesn’t do the trick, remove and replace it.
  • Windows – remove streaks, prevent damage and save money by cleaning along the way in order to prevent window restoration.
  • Outside and inside – you should wipe down walls, as dust and dirt build up over time. Wipe them with slightly soapy, lukewarm water and your walls will be rejuvenated in minutes! You should also clean the outside and inside of doors – both sides are being used just as much, so give them a thorough cleaning.
  • Dust then vacuum – when dusting, specks disperse in the air and can travel around the room. So do this first and get these bits when you vacuum.  

All this being said, it’s hard to clean when there’s clutter – if you find yourself moving too much, it might be worth considering self storage.

How self storage can help you

Self storage is becoming more and more popular for several reasons and here’s why…

  • Working from home – you’re turning the spare room into an office. You don’t want to get rid of the spare bed or units, so store them for the time being and give yourself the room you need.
  • Having a babyyou probably have more on your mind than what you want to sell in a car boot sale, and at times like these the main thing you want to be thinking about, is what colour to paint the baby’s room. Self storage enables you to go back through your belongings at a leisurely pace, when you have the time.
  • Moving houseit’s not unknown for people to have to move out before their new home is available. So a reliable way to keep your things safe is self storage, especially ideal if you’re downsizing and still not sure what’s staying or going. This provides you with time, so hasty decisions aren’t made.
  • Running out of spacesometimes we buy things spontaneously and think about storage a little too late. That’s ok; if you haven’t got the room, get the room.
  • Renovatingaccidents happen, especially when you’re having building work done. Take your previous items out of the equation and keep them safe until the work is complete.
  • Furniturewe can be left in the lurch as people change their minds, and you may be stuck with a bulky sofa placed in the most inconvenient space. That’s not a problem, with your storage unit you can keep it safe and give yourself time to look for another option.
  • University belongingsif you’re moving back home after graduation, you may want to consider self storage for the meantime. Also, if a family member has recently left for University and you need the space, this might be the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s always handy to have a spare room in case of unexpected situations, like having your Grandma or Grandad coming to live with you, for example.



Sometimes to make space all we need to do is keep organised, so if you’re still hoping for a few more tips then have a look at what you can do to ensure your home is at its best.

  • Reduce volume and density – if you’re bringing something new into your home, remove an unwanted item. This is a good way to ensure your home is clutter-free.
  • De-clutter – if you come across things you haven’t used in a long time, put them in a box and store it. If you haven’t gone back to it in over a year, you know these items won’t be missed and it’s time to get rid.
  • Charity shop – if you have clothes that you don’t wear anymore, ornaments that were never quite your style or general bits and bobs that are still in good condition, send them to a charity shop and help others.
  • Labels and draw dividers – keep your important files labeled and divided in your drawers. Separate your birth certificate, bills, pay cheques and ensure they’re safe and ready to get hold of when you need them. For any other paperwork that is no longer needed or important, shred these so you’re up to date.


Make time to make decisions with a little help from self storage. Here at Rylands Removals we’re ready to provide you with packing, lifting, transportation and a safe, secure place to store your valuables. Let moving becoming hassle-free, be assured the job will get done to give yourself room to do that much needed spring clean! If you’d like to get in touch, please contact us or get an online quote today!