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How to Move Your Garden

If you’re currently in the process of moving to a new house, your garden is part of your property, and you may not have given much thought to how it will be incorporated into your moving schedule. The outside furniture, features and plants you may want to take with you will need special consideration, so here we offer the lowdown on how to move your garden in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Moving plants

You may have spent years growing and taking care of certain plants that you feel emotionally attached to. There is no need to leave these plants behind when you’re moving house, as you can uproot certain plants and replant them in your new garden. However, it’s important to keep in mind that some plants count as ‘fixtures’ and it may be illegal to remove them if they are seen as part of the house. For example, big bushes or flower arrangements in the soil, or anything else that was listed as a ‘fixture’ on the contract and that served as a selling point during the selling process, should not be removed from the house. When selling your house you should make it clear what you’re planning on taking and what is staying, so the new owners won’t be in a position to sue.


Moving furniture

Patio swings, garden benches and barbecues are all expensive additions to your garden so it’s no wonder you’d like to take them to your new home. We recommend taking pictures of them before you dismantle them so you know what it’s supposed to look like when you reassemble them at the new location. Keep all small parts, such as bolts and nails, in a small labelled bag so you don’t lose them in the move. 

When removing your barbecue, it’s important to clean out the pit completely to avoid charcoal and burnt food getting all over your garden items during the move. If you still have the packaging the barbecue came in, then put it back in the box, if not, we recommend buying a cheap cardboard boxes for transportation. You can get this from your local DIY store, or even ask a local retail store for the cardboard boxes they receive their products in and they’ll give you them for free. However, you must remove the gas bottle that is attached to the barbecue as most house moving services will not take them for health and safety reasons.


Packing and unpacking tips

By planning how you’re going to set up your new garden, it will make the move so much easier when organising boxes in your new home. Having clear labels on your boxes and substantial wrapping for all your items will minimise damage. For decorative, delicate items and plant pots, wrap each of them in bubble wrap to prevent chips and cracks occurring during transportation. 

If you’re looking to move a shed or greenhouse, then you may need to start thinking about decluttering and packing these spaces long before the move happens. Outdoor storage has a habit of becoming your own dumping ground, cluttered with items you don’t want in your home but don’t want to throw away, as well as dirty gardening tools and lawnmowers. Organise your shed and greenhouse by deciding what you want to keep, sell and throwaway, this allows you to have a fresh start when moving into your new garden.


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