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Ready to Move House? Discover Our Moving House Checklist

Moving house can be a very stressful time for all involved. Whether you’re upsizing, downsizing or moving into your first home, there are a few highly essentials jobs to be done and errands to run before you can fully relax and start to enjoy your new abode. Rylands Removals have put together a simple guide to ensure you experience a stress-free move.

Moving House Checklist


Four Weeks Before You Move


  • Hire a removal van/company – ensure you conduct extensive research and consider their reliability, availability and how much they charge. Also, ask yourself whether you’d rather hire a van and move things yourself, or if you’d rather have a team of experts do it on your behalf for a stress-free move.
  • Order packing materials – often, the removal company will offer this at an extra cost.
  • Declutter – get rid of things you no longer want, need or use. Give them to charity or sell them online to make some extra cash.
  • Book days off work – give plenty of notice, especially if you’ll be off for a considerable amount of time.


Two Weeks Before You Move


  • Inform people – this includes utility companies, government bodies, financial institutions, health services, insurance providers, TV Licensing, work and education administration, and other companies/organisations that will need your updated address.
  • Have your post redirected – this is easily done, simply fill out a mail redirection form at your local post office.
  • Pack non-essential items – this is best done if you start with garden tools, or in the loft/attic.
  • Redirect your phone number – contact your provider and they’ll advise you on the next steps to take.


One Week Before You move


  • Inform the council – while you do this, ask for a council tax statement.
  • Double check – ensure you’ve notified the relevant people, then send change of address cards to family and friends to avoid any confusion.
  • Ask for help – arrange for a friend or family member to look after any pets or children during the move.
  • Transfer plants – if you plan on taking plants with you, transfer them into sturdy pots. For transit, it would be worth wrapping larger plants and pots in tarpaulin to protect them.


A Couple of Days Before You Move


  • Defrost the freezer – this normally takes a day or two anyway, so ensure you do this in plenty of time and not the night before.
  • Pack essentials – pack a box purely for your essentials to make them easier to find. You may want to include: a toothbrush, toiletries, cutlery, towels, a change of clothes (and a thick layer), pyjamas, toilet paper, kitchen towel, plates, washing up liquid and a sponge. Depending on your circumstances, you may want to add or remove things from this list.
  • Disconnect the dishwasher – not everyone has a dishwasher, but if you do, this would be the best time to disconnect it.
  • Label boxes and bags – label the boxes according to what’s in them or the room they’re for. This will make unpacking a lot easier and you’ll be able to find what you need a lot faster.


Moving House Checklist

On the Day


  • Strip the beds – it’s worth rolling up your bedding and putting them into bin bags for quick and easy packing and transportation.
  • Protect the floors – use old bed sheets or shower curtains to lie on the floors, especially if it’s not carpeted. You don’t want scratched floors or damaged furniture either.


After You’ve Moved


  • Pay stamp duty land tax – this should be of the utmost priority.
  • Change the locks – this should give you peace of mind in terms of safety and security.
  • Take meter readings – this should be done almost straight away. Note the readings down and keep them for your records, then contact the utility companies.

Here at Rylands Removals, we’re dedicated to ensuring a stress-free move for all of our customers. We take the utmost care when transporting your belongings, tailoring our services to your specifications and requirements. To book in removals, commercial relocation or storage, or to enquire about the packing materials we sell, get in touch with us today – we’re always happy to help.