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What Are Backloading Removals?

If you’ve heard of the term backloading but you’re not sure what it means, read on to find out because this month Rylands Removals are here to explain what this service involves and why backloading is often a popular option for those on a strict budget.


What is backloading?

This is a term used to describe a moving service – an inexpensive one. Backloading is where a removals company allow multiple customers to share a container at a discounted rate. This requires careful planning of course because it only makes sense when the people sharing the container are moving to the same town or surrounding area. Backloading is generally used for small moves, i.e. to transport furniture, rather than an entire household.


How does it improve removal operations?

For fleet owners, it’s inefficient to have staff driving on the roads with empty trucks, it’s a waste of time, energy and money. It also means that the whole operation isn’t as productive as it could be.

Backloading is the perfect solution to this problem as it works to maximise the use of large fleet trucks (with tactical prior planning) and thus, prevent trucks returning to the road with an empty container. This method improves efficiency all around, making sure that more goods are shifted and less fuel is squandered, helping a variety of customers and the planet all in one!


Internal and external backloading

  • Internal backloading – this refers to shifting a company’s goods/products. An example of this: a clothing warehouse using internal backloading when delivering clothes their shops and returning with faulty items to make the most of a journey.
  • External backloading – involves shipping third-party cargo to and from a usual location. These vehicles will communicate frequently with others drivers that journey in the same lanes, in order to maintain an efficient, tight schedule when dispatching and delivering.


Benefits of backloading

  • It’s cheaper (as you only pay for the space you use)
  • Better for the environment (fewer unnecessary road trips)  
  • Maximises a moving company’s downtime
  • Increases profits

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