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Does an Extension on a House Increase Property Value?

Extending your home by building a conservatory or having a loft conversion can increase your home’s value up to 23%. There are many reasons why house extensions increase the value of your property and Ryland’s Removals & Storage are here to tell you why.


Reasons why you would want to extend on your home

When selling your home, it’s in your interest to make the property more valuable and by extending and expanding, you’ll be sure to make a pretty penny in profit.


  • To sell your property
    If you’re looking to sell your property, buyers will pay more for more rooms – well of course!

    A great way to spend little but make a significant gain is to convert your loft. The thing about a loft conversion is that the space and structure is already there, which means it’s much cheaper to create a new habitable space than it is to construct an entirely new one. Since you’re not erecting an entire new room and going back to the basics with bricks and mortar, a loft conversion is a way to increase the value without the need for major work.

    If you’re considering a loft conversion but feel put off by the idea of sorting through numerous boxes of belongings that are sitting in storage, turn to your local storage facilities. Here you can drop off your boxes into a safe and secure unit for as long as you need, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you can come back at a later date to sort through.


That said, increasing the floorplan of your home by adding an extra bedroom can add up to 22k to the price of your property. Buyers are prepared to pay more for more bedrooms because this offers flexibility, perfect as an investment purchase for those wishing to rent out the bedrooms.


  • Make it appealing to larger families
    If most of the houses in your area are of a similar size, an extension and conversion is likely to attract buyers. If the homes around you have two bedrooms but you have three, it’s likely that your house will be sold in no time at all. By increasing your living area, you will increase your audience because after all, no one will be put off with the idea of a little more space and more opportunity.
  • Speed up moving day!
    If your property has been on the market for quite some time or you wish to increase your properties value before selling, consider an extension and speed up moving day! Once you have accepted an offer you’re happy with – organise your first-rate moving services with trained professionals who will ship your belongings quickly and safety from A to B.


Looking for safe and secure storage facilities or need help moving home? Call Rylands Removals and Storage for professional assistance and first-rate services. We’re available 7 days a week, day and night – so whatever it is you require, give our team a ring and we can tailor our services to meet your requirements. Alternatively, fill out our online form for a free, no obligation quote.